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to the court of appeals by george w. bush in 2 thousand 5. he has a ba for brigham young university and the jd is from the university cool of law. most notably they were the proud parents of six children. they were at stanford two weeks ago for the conference and at least i don't know if it was us or the weather, but something enticed him to come back a second time. >> it's a pleasure to be here and my congratulations to the conference organizers and thanks to ed and barbara, but i wish -- i was out here two weeks ago with the comment that the d.c. surround worked. for those of you who are in the batherings, this is the obligatory panel that seems to be the drainage to federalist societies that organizers have everywhere. at least by the conservatives in power. the three inviting words in the constitution, the executive power. as the moderator of this distinguished panel, i plan on being seen more than heard, but i feel obliged to answer a question. judge silverman would want me to answer before going further. what are you doing on a panel about executive power. my colleague is on a circuit an
we have seen in the last ten years the presidents despite george w. bush's presidency trying to actually almost by themselves in foreign policy. domestic affairs, if you read the papers, there is not a lot of discussion about the role of the president in domestic affairs. you would be surprised to see the kind of president we had today in this area. they thought the president would be a check on congress and not somebody urging and pushing congress to enact the president's program. alexander hamilton said the executive is necessary to protect against the irregular and high-handed combinations that interrupt the ordinary coarse of justice. i love this phrase. the humors of the legislature. i guess this is why they elected that. you lock at the discussion of the veto power and the federalist papers, it's not talked about as this sword by the president to convince the congress to enact his or her program. it is discussed as the president to protect its own constitutional authorities and to furnish an additional security about the enaction of improper laws and laws that would be
. ronald reagan. let's go -- i mean every single president, george h.w. bush. >> it's a brutal job. they all leave broken. >> i mean look at obama. he's not broken but his hair is graying. they visibly age. >> bill clinton is not broken. >> oh, wait, i forget. bill clinton is not broken. you know why bill clinton is not broken because he refused to leave. >> he won't leave. >> bill clinton still in the hangar, four months later. >> they're broken when they leave but rehabilitate themselves. even nixon, you couldn't leave more broken than nixon but he becomes this age of saddle river, having journalists out to dinner, rewriting history books. even nixon can come back. there is life after the presidency if you handle yourself. >> history is like one of the reasons this is all so much fun and i think so important ultimately, is remember the way the founders described i think washington described the senate as the saucer in which -- >> the tea cooled. >> the tea cooled. >> that's what history. it takes our friend michael, says a rule, you can't write about a president in full until 25
system is more point than the structures that a republican congress was happy to give george w. bush authority. that was based on the u.n. resolution. i think if we're going to talk about checking and balancing then, i'm not sure how one does it, but to rely on congress vigorously to assert its own pe interrogato per interrogatoritives against the president of their own power doesn't work. it hasn't been accurate since 1800. >> i was going to say i don't think even people in congress want to fix the war powers resolution problem. it's a convenient symbol that congress was doing something about war power as a way to avoid doing the things that congress could do. you could cut off funds or not pay for any of the conflicts. libya might have been so small you might be able to wage the whole thing. the other thing is about the political party thing. kosovo is interesting because president clinton went to war, went beyond the 60-day clock. congress was controlled by the other party. one of the ten things in a contractor was repeal the war powers resolution. you had a case where president
and the candidates who win and watching george w. bush do this through two elections, express confidence and faith in america's future. now, there are r plenty of bromide patriotism in romney's speeches, but the core argument he has is negative. and this is very much the framework the democrats had in 2004 about a different problem, the war in iraq. then you had a president who said i know this is tough, but we've got to stick with it, stay the course and we're going to make it to victory. now, the fs a weird looking victory for him, but that was his sales pitch and you had john kerry saying this is terrible, a disaster. i don't know where i stand or where i did before or where i'm going to stand, but in any case, it's going really badly. people would rather have somebody saying i know this is tough, but i have a way out and america always finds its way out. that's where we're seeing in mirror image today. >> karen, as we said, it's a study in contrast today on the campaign trail and there's one area it's stark. just in terms of pure optic, how does an image like the one we saw of the president in
to be their presidential nominee to succeed president george w. bush, the guy who was supposed to win in '08, the guy who was the early beltway favorite was fred thompson. fred thompson who was an actor on "law and order" and who is a large man and had a very deep voice and who looksç very presidentialish from a distance. on tv. and i've always thought that the fred thompson mania of the 2008 presidential race, the sort of pundit mania over the prospects for fred thompson were largely based on what he looked like and he's a big guy and has this big great voice. in terms of his resume, what he was known for was being an actor on "law and order." he had been a lobbiest for decades on washington. that usually means you have represented some unpolitically correct clients. in his case some abortion rights clients when he was trying to run as an anti-abortion rights politician. in addition to bb a lobbyist and the guy on tv, he served one and a half terms in the u.s. senate. but honestly his time in the senate was characterized by no real accomplishment of any note. there's no fred thompson legislative achie
. that comes from a republican party operative who worked in the george w. bush white house saying that rush limbaugh is in fact a feared power broker throughout the republican party. mighty rush limbaugh was so upset by the fact of sandra fluke speaking truth to power that he decided he was going to take her down. he claimed that sandra's advocacy for contraceptive coverage made her a slut and a prostitute. he said she was having so much sex that she needs a whole lot of contraception and she wants other people to pay for it. think about that. mighty rush limbaugh doesn't seem to understand the birth control pill is not like viagra. [ laughter ] [ applause ] you don't take a birth control pill just before having sex like, oh, never mind. sandra fluke was not cowed by limbaugh's relentless three-day defamatory character assassination. in fact, just the opposite happened. women and men around the country were disgusted by limbaugh and in short order, he lost nearly 100% of his national advertisers. [ applause ] so, please, all of you join me in honoring this amazing champion, this role model,
. >>> today is former president george w. bush's 66th birthday and during a trip this week to africa, at a home for children in need, he got a pretty special birthday gift. the kids serenaded him. ♪ happy birthday to you >> the bushes were in africa to promote work regarding breast and cervical cancer and are on their way home tonight. this is also nancy reagan's 91st birthday and yesterday she attended her first public event since a fall in may when she broke several ribs. she helped inaugurate a new exhibit from the walt disney archives at the reagan library. as you can see, mickey and mini mouse showed up for the occasion. we're told they did their own rendition of "happy birthday." >>> up next, four women on a remarkable road trip making a difference. out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically prove
is not cool, okay? so what do you want president, cool or confident. >> george w. bush, he was cooler whoever that dummy was that ran against him. gore. >> and then kerry. >> it was like eight years ago or something. >> i want to bring up social consciousness. it was being part of social groupings that are considered thoughtful. >> i don't think it necessarily means that. you see a cool dude and little girl and you buy her an ice cream. >> that is hunger. >> and it was basically saying -- >> if this is transmitted to companies as well because they are doing this corporate consciousness responsibility. >> gregg: this is an important story. from cool to pool, florida lifeguard, was fired for leaving his assigned area but he could get his whistle back. on monday, tomas lopez ran 1500 feet south of his zone after he was told a man was swim at your own risk. dolphin like dude helped rescue the guy but he was met with a pink slip. he has a policy toted to rescue someone outside their jurisdiction. in response to public outcry they offered his job back. they said to take the job and shove it. >> act
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of the george w. bush administration. has declared he is china's door mat. in a way no modern administration has been, mitt romney is calling him a door mat. he likes to make a big deal out of saying he as president would be more confrontational. mr. romney wrote on op ed saying he would take aggressive action against the second largest economy in the world. so aggressive he would start a war against the two greatest economies on earth. his plans were stated as a blunder. it was described as mr. romney's hulk policy. romney smash china. but for all mr. romney is turning green and shredding his shirts with biceps, when it comes to making real decisions about countries in the market place, mr. romney has not been all that big in confrontation in the real world. in his book no apology, president bush's design to stand up against china had done more harm than good. he called president obama's defense of american tire companies bad for the nation. so this is a test. this is an administration that even if you like what they have done has been not that great at chest bumping. rightly or wrongly, it's j
congress enacted and george w. bush signed in 2004. totally bipartisan effort to change what had been a 1947 dismodel. we passed the basic pillar for our intelligence and defense agencies in 1947, geared against the soviet union. and we never changed it until after 9/11 when it was clear that one, the soviet union ended in 1989 but two, the threats were completely different against our country. so the reform set up a joint command structure called the office 6 the directioner of national intelligence, across 16 intelligence agencies. and the idea is not to build a bureaucracy but to leverage their strength. and our intelligence capability is better. our national intelligence estimates which are the way we assess what is going on in different countries are much stronger than they were. and i think it would be much harder to make the mistake that we made on what is the destruction in iraq so we're better. the agencies are doing better. what we're missing is a very clear legal framework around our post 9/11 policies. we've never been able to do that because congress doesn't work very wel
of the leadership qualities that we want in a president. george w. bush whom we rarely invoke for anything positive, at least had a clarity of thought so people said we know what he thinks. and the rap on john kerry in '04 was the flip-flopping. >> romney is just following -- the weird thing is he's still having to play so much to his base. his entire base had the same 180 on roberts as well. so he's gotta go out there and he still for some reason, has not solidified his base. you cannot continue to talk to the tea party and the rest of america at the same time and not look crazy to one of them. >> right. >> you have to get to the point where you're above these kind of petty attacks on supreme court justice and say i don't agree with the decision but i'm not going to go attack john roberts because it is beneath me. he's sitting on the supreme court. the chief justice of the united states. but he's still stuck in those kinds of arguments and still playing to bill kristol the editorial page. here we are heading into july and
's day, president obama had played 100 rounds of golf. then there's the subject of vacations. george w. bush spent all or part of 490 days at his ranch in texas over eight years in office. not to mention the 487 days at camp david according to knoller. ronald reagan spent almost a year near santa barbara. those trips were a top down directive. in her book "reagan: an american story" adriana bosh talked about something earlier in their time at the white house. deever found the president doing inspecting his schedule which the president lamented didn't include ranch time. deever said that was because of the press being critical of his time outside of washington. his answer. you can tell me a lot of things and i'll do them. but you're not going to tell me the more i get to the ranch. i'm convinced the more auch often i get to the ranch the longer i live. i'm going to the ranch. you can put it in there now. being on vacation doesn't mean the same thing to a president or presidential candidate to the rest of us fop have the job is to always be plugged in or ready to take a call or make a de
months and bill clinton won. in 2004 was 197,000 jobs, president george w. bush won. in 2012, average job growth in the first six months is 150,000, and that puts president obama right in the middle of this. an update on the mystery surrounding illinois commerce man jesse jackson junior and his leave of absence. the congressman's office said his illness were more serious than previously thought and he needs extended inpatient treatment. he faced some questions after he was absent from the house floor for two weeks last month. no details are being provided on the exact condition or where he is seeking treatment. new developments on the trayvon martin case. lawyers for george zimmerman are appealing to his supporters. this comes hours after the judge set his bond at a million dollars. the bond was initially set at $150,000. the judge revoked that after william zimmerman and his wife attempted to deceive the court about their finances, specifically money raised from online supporters. new developments in the story of a fourth of july celebration that ended in tragedy. police identified three
. >>> and former president george w. bush celebrates his birthday by giving a gift to countries in africa. a multi-million dollar effort to fight cervical cancer. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> 102 degrees in the shade. this picture, take a look at it, taken here in washington. sums up what much of the nation is feeling today. yet another day of blistering heat. triple digits in many places shattering records all over the map. the heat is dangerous, potentially deadly. it's almost impossible to escape. and for the hundreds of thousands still without power, without access to air-conditioning, it verges on the unbearable. the heat is also devastating to the economy. a drought in parts of the midwest may be the worst in decades. and prospects for the corn crop right now they are dimming every day. we have the latest on all the weather conditions, what you need to know to stay safe. but let's begin with lisa sylvester right now. she's here in washington, d.c. lisa, just how hot is it outside of the nat
president george w. bush's first term it was meant to help the nation's poor and minority children by imposing tough consequences on schools that did not meet certain performance goals. but critics, including president obama no child left behind forced some teach to the test states that promise prepare students for the exam. today wisconsin and washington state got exemption. on a day when the word jobs is ringing in the ears of many americans, starbucks issues an alert. it's adding jobs to the u.s. see how the king of coffee drinks plans to do that and the man who admitted killing florida teenager travon martin out of jail tonight. george zimmerman out on bail for a second time. we're learning about the rules he must now follow and what's next in the case. stay close. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. visit this i
incorrect. a lot of the debt comes from the bush tax cuts, the drug benefit create created by george w. bush and from cleaning up the mess the republicans created and wall street created, but beyond that, mitt romney is an absolutely no position to talk about whittling the debt down when he's advocating a gigantic tax cut for the wealthy that he's not going to even pay for. so it's a both dishonest and hypocritical message. and blaming romney for having not a single new idea for bringing jobs back. not a single idea. >> what i see feeding that narrative, whether it's fact or fiction, we can discuss, is the supreme court's decision having been upheld as a taxes authority of the congress. i can tell you, i can answer the phone for a living. i host a radio program where i hear from people who say see that, i knew i was going to get whacked with a tax to pay for obamacare and largely, the people asserting that have health insurance and won't be subjected to a penalty. >> i heard the same thing from a friend of my sister's. at this point, you need to do an information campaign and just like bob w
in the point when john kerry was running he outraised george w. bush at the time. >> she did work for kerry but there are gripes but the party is uniting around mitt romney and especially on the back of the supreme court nomination where they raised a huge amount of money in 24 hours and he has a big boost and sounds like she is adjusting expectations downward and it sounds like romney a hundred million dollar month with rnc money and not including superpacs. we know this is a billion dollar election. this is going to be big money. >> big money on both sides. >> big money on both sides. >> i thought her comment was important. it's easy to say, oh, you know, some guy who is in trouble running a bank is bundling for the other guy. the problem you had a guy on your side too. the bundlers tend to be very wealthy and very connected. often wall street people. >> exactly. as you pointed out neither party has a monopoly on virtue or vice. for every time there is a corzne. >> a verdict in the case of a man who beat up the priest that he says abused him nearly three decades ago. >>> do claims of an a
years later, president clinton won re-election with 5.5% average. in 2004, republican george w. bush won re-election with 5 5.7%. president obama six-month unemployment rate average this year is at 8.2%. higher than any of the predecessors in 30 years. >>> construction employment, a major part of the economy stalled out in june. however, as chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel explains there is a lot more to the troubling numbers. >> president obama signed the $105 billion transportation package in to law late today. funding construction jobs. he said would otherwise be lost. >> this bill will keep thousands of construction workers on the job, rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. >> the legislation will fund road and transit project through the end of fiscal 2014. allowing state transportation departments to go forward with major infrastructure projects. though an industry economist says it may only stop job losses. >> you are not going to see immediate jump in highway employment. at least firms may hang on to workers whom otherwise they would have had to lay off. >> constru
, with his manufacturing ideas, yeah, absolutely. >> suarez: dem yatsic critics were very tough on george w. bush in the months following the recovery that began after 9/11. too few jobs, recovery too slow, job creation too shallow. are we in a different economic world now? isn't it just as fair a criticism as barack obama as it was of george work bush in the early part of this century? >> i think the difference there is that it's what i was just talk approximating about. i mean it's one thing for a president to not have a set of plans to get you from here to there, and here i thought mr. chen's discussion a second okay was very misleading. i don't think governo governor-- governor romney has any plans vis-a-vis job growthnd cay go through that in a second. the thing the president can say that is different is i, in fact, have a set of measures that independent people, you don't have to listen to me, listen the congressional budget office, to independent economists who scored this are saying, yeah, and it's actually not that complicated, if you provide some fiscal relief to state was have to
the republicans were looking for a candidate to be their presidential nominee to succeed president george w. bush, the guy who was supposed to win in '08, the guy who was the early beltway favorite was fred thompson. fred thompson who was an actor on "law and order" and who is a large man and had a very deep voice and who looks very presidential-ish from a distance on tv. and i've always thought that the fred thompson mania of the 2008 presidential race, the sort of pundit mania over the prospects for fred thompson were largely based on what he looked like and he's a big guy and has this big great voice. in terms of his resume, what he was known for was being an actor on "law and order." he had been a lobiest for decades on washington. that usually means you have represented some unpolitically correct clients. in his case some abortion rights clients when he was trying to run as an anti-abortion rights politician. in addition to bb a lobbyist and the guy on tv, he served one and a half terms in the u.s. senate. but honestly his time in the senate was characterized by no real accomplishment of any
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 64 (some duplicates have been removed)